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When you think of creativity - what pops into your head? I think of crayons, color, scissors, stitches and dolls with yellow yarn for hair.

My family is full of creative people - people who made dolls for me as a child, who tried to make baby shoes, who let me fill in the crossword puzzle, who taught me to sew. They taught me it was okay to mess up, okay to try and definitely okay to take it apart and start over again.

Trying your hand at being creative - pick a craft you are interested in, pick up one of your UFO's or add to your stash. Do you sew, knit, crochet, paint, draw, color, stitch, or organize? Listen to the Crafter Cast as we explore crafts, creativity, how technology fits, building a business with your crafts and more.

Crafter Cast Show #18

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Welcome to Crafter Cast Show #18 ~ Getting ready for Halloween and the holidays ~ My kids have been changing their minds too often for us to start making the costumes. The latest thing they want to be is a fairy and a dragon. I wanted them to be something related to craft products and they picked a ruler and pair of scissors, but that went out the window in about a day.

The Holiday Countdown course will help you get exited for the holidays! Excited and prepared. Sign up over at the holiday countdown page and start receiving tips today. I’m looking forward to reading what Cara has put out because I’m just not in that mood still. The costumes at the forum have helped, as well as searching for jewelry ideas on etsy.

Flying witch ATC
Creative Commons License photo credit: DianthusMoon

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